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As an ambassador, you will regularly exhibit the Truth on Display banners on your campus. Interested students will approach you, giving you plenty of opportunity to share the gospel and answer their questions. You will receive training in evangelism and apologetics so that you can adequately give a reason for our Christian faith. Your faithful presence will help make Jesus the talk of the campus.

Ignite your campus outreach

Become an Ambassador
$249 per semester

Join the Ambassador Program

Truth on Display Banners

The Ambassador Program includes the banners - 3 topics at a time, will be provided on a 6-week rotation schedule.

Coordinate & Cover Shipping

We want to eliminate as many headaches as possible. We’ll provide shipping labels and UPS will bill us directly.

Ambassador Training

Online video training, written materials, and links to address all that you’ll need to know how to be a successful Ambassador.

Ambassador Conference

We will cover registration costs for our annual conference, with training on evangelism, apologetics, and how to use the Truth on Display banners.

Your Responsibility

Join the Ambassador Program

You get everything above - banners, training, conference registration - for a flat $249 this fall semester.

Choose a Point Person

Pick a point person to organize this ministry for your group and to communicate with us.

Purchase the Structure

We will provide detailed instructions on how to order the structure yourself.

Participate in Training

We want you to be successful, and ask that people participating in this ministry commit to the training that we provide.

The Process

Banners Arrive

Your set of banners should arrive on Monday via UPS. Keep this tube as it will be reused for shipping.

Campus Outreach

You will have 2-3 days to display the banners for your outreach. Pray hard and give ‘em heaven!

Print Postage

We will email you a shipping label with pre-paid UPS postage.

Drop-off at UPS

Put the banners back in the tube that they arrived in, affix label, then drop off at any UPS location.


Tuesday - Thursday

Thursday - Friday

Reach your campus with the
Truth on Display Banners

Join the Truth on Display Ambassador Network
$249 per semester


Contact us to learn more.

Thank you for inquiring about the Ambassador Program

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