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Ambassador Program

6 Week Banner Rotation

We send you a new set of banners each week.


Each set contains 3 topics.

Each topic is split into 2 banners

Rotation 1: Only Jesus (Part 1)

Only Jesus: Fulfilled Ancient Prophecies
Only Jesus: is the Divine Son of God
Only Jesus: Voluntarily Died for You

Rotation 2: Only Jesus (Part 2)

Only Jesus: Resurrection
Only Jesus: is Coming Back
Only Jesus: Bring You Back to God

Rotation 3: God - Creation, Science, Evolution (Part 1)

God: Faith in a God You Can't See
God: Darwin's Radical Theory
God: Incredible Creation of God

Rotation 4: God - Creation, Science, Evolution (Part 2)

God: Questions for Evolutionists
God: What Creationists Believe
God: What so you see?

Rotation 5: The Bible (Part 1)

The Bible: Just Another Book?
The Bible: The Bible can do that?!
The Bible: What is the Message of the Bible?

Rotation 6: The Bible (Part 2)

The Bible: Answering Skeptics
The Bible: Spearheads Human Progress
The Bible: Scourage of Secularism
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