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Only Jesus voluntarily died for you
Clearing up confusion: what creation
Only Jesus fulfilled ancient prophec
The Bible spearheads human progress
You are no accident of evolution; yo
Is the Bible just another book?
Darwin's radical theory
Only Jesus physically rose from the
God's Existence is Self-evident

Theme 1:

God's Existence is Self-Evident

These controversial banners convey:

  • Reasons to Believe in a God You Can't See

  • Challenging Darwinian's Evolution

  • The Incredible Design of Your Body

  • Questions for the Evolutionist

  • Clearing Confusion on Creationists' Beliefs

  • The Heart of Atheism vs. Theism

The Bible is God's Word to Us

Theme 2:

The Bible is God's Word to Us

This display brings the discussion around:

  • The Bible is not just another book

  • The Amazing Benefits of the Bible

  • Overview of the Bible

  • Answering the Skeptic's Questions

  • The Bible has Spearheaded Human Progress

  • The Scourage of Secularism

Jesus is the Only Way Back to God

Theme 3:

Jesus is the Only Way Back to God

These banners describe unique qualities to Jesus:

  • Fulfilled Ancient Prophecies

  • Claimed to be the Divine Son of God

  • Voluntarily Died for You

  • Physically Rose from the Dead

  • Is Coming Again

  • Is the Only Way Back to God

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